About Us

We’re an integrated solutions company for the modern digital economy. We are driven by the idea of healing the pain points in the process of your business that keep you from your goals.

Centecore was founded on the premise that any problem has a solution. It is just a question of putting the right team with the right attitude together and throwing them at the problem.  We feel that there is always a better, easier and more efficient way of doing something and solving problems as long as you have the right attitude and the elite talent needed to provide integrated solutions.

Automated process and Business Intellegence is vital for success in our mobile world. Companies need more than the pretty pictures on the front end, they need systems that work properly on the back end however if things don’t look good and are intuitive people won’t want to use them. Pair that with the truth that people judge things based on how they look. That is why we pair designers with developers and work side by side to develop the perfect interfaces and solutions. Ones that scale to accommodate new technologies and customer demands as well as continue your company’s branding and marketing messages. We take a holistic approach as we integrate business processes, goals, and existing systems to protect your vital data and turn it into data you can use.

We bridge the gap between information technology, business intelligence, analytics, EDI, data integrity, efficient automated processes, and user experience. We provide our customers with solutions that not only make their process and data more consistent and trustworthy but also less labor intensive.

Our Founders are a group of professionals with over 75 years of combined healthcare and information technology experience, who are all at the top of their respective fields. This A-team that came together almost by chance to solve an impossible problem.  They of course solved it and said “that was fun, what’s next?”. Well the answer to that question is up to you, because this team loves a challenge and truly enjoys solving problems and working together. A “Centicore” is a mythical beastie that has the strengths and characteristics of multiple animals all in one body. That is the soul of what Centecore is and we look forward to putting that body to work for your business.

In everything we do as member/owners of Centecore, we must imbed the following guiding principles in all our business dealings, and operate consistently from our core values:

1. There is no one more important than another in our company – we all have equal value.


2. We will always act from the standpoint of what is right for the customer, for the company, for each other and for our employees.


3. Everything we do will be done with integrity.


4. Each of us is empowered to say “No”.


5. It is better to stay small, agile and deliver excellent service than to grow beyond our capacity to deliver our products and services well.


6. While we are offering technical products and services, what we strive to deliver is a positive partnership with our customers.


7. We will celebrate our successes, and reward well our employees for helping us to achieve our business goals.


8. We must constantly evolve to enhance our products and service delivery processes.


9. We will stay lean and vigorously fight all attempts to add layers of bureaucracy to our company.


10. Above all, we will work together as a unit committed to success, service, respect and quality.



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