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The term “Data Warehouse” means different things to different people and can be explained using several different technological methods. However, when it comes to the data that will be used to make business decisions and that your business operations will depend on, there are key points any “Data Warehouse” must have. These are:

  • The Data MUST be accurate and timely
  • The Data MUST be easily accessible to those who need it
  • The Data MUST be formatted so it can be understood
  • The Data MUST be secured, protected and backed up
  • The Data System MUST be responsive and provide results quickly

To meet those needs, the next question is – What kind of Data Warehouse do we need? That answer is simple: Whatever design best supports your business needs now and is scalable to grow with your business in the future.

The staff at Centecore has been helping businesses answer this question for over 25 years. Our experience includes many different industries including health care, logistics, education, government, and a variety of commercial trades. This diversity of experience allows us evaluate your current situation, understand your future goals and architect a solution to meet your needs.

Our core philosophy for Data Warehouse design is that the data it contains MUST be accurate and can be trusted to support your business. Therefore, we also incorporate methods that make auditing your data not only possible, but easy.

To help you better understand how we view a data solution; consider how a Data Warehouse System would compare to a large, strong tree made up of three primary sections.


The roots of the tree are rarely ever seen, but they are a complex system that must be in place and operating efficiently to provide nutrients to the tree. Without the roots, the Trunk and the rest of the tree will not survive.

The Data Warehouse “Root System” is an automated workflow process that brings all data sources into the Data System. This may include data from many different types of files, web services, FTP sites and downloads. To ensure the integrity and strength of the entire system, the data from these sources are validated, matched against any business rules and staged to move into the core system. Only when the data looks perfect is it allowed to be integrated for production.

The trunk of a tree is the strength and support for the entire tree. It allows the tree to withstand strong weather and support the tree as it continues to grow larger.

The trunk represents the core of the Data Warehouse. If the data it contains is strong, complete, reliable and accurate; the Data Warehouse can continue to grow and withstand future storms. Many times, this section of the Data Warehouse is referred to as the Operational Data Store.

Lastly are the branches. These expand in all directions and hold all the leaves, fruit and final crop of the tree. The stronger the tree is, the more it can produce.

The final product of a Data Warehouse consists of reports, dashboards, data exports, analytics and data marts. While the core system is accessible when needed; it is these resources that are used daily for business activities and decisions.

Whether you need a Tree, or a global Forest… Centecore welcomes the opportunity to work with your business to ensure your Data Warehouse is built to provide the strong data foundation that will allow you to grow and flourish now… and in the future.


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