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Core data integrity

Data integrity is often overlooked, but it is the backbone of your business.  If your data is wrong or incomplete you cannot make the best business decision possible.  One key aspect of data integrity in any data system that works with members or “by person” data is correctly identifying a unique person and matching that unique person to all their related information.  That information could span many years and many different aspects of that person’s life.

This is an extremely difficult thing to maintain but it is a critical aspect to the implementation and usage of any system which stores, processes, or retrieves data; especially when a person’s health insurance and/or medical information is involved.

That is the situation CoreMATCH was designed for!  CoreMATCH looks at all data elements available about a person and assigns a Unique ID to that person.  Then as data is obtained about that person, regardless of how many years it may span and any life changing events the person may have, all the data is matched to that unique ID.


By incorporating 40 data elements in over 25 proprietary cross referenced combinations, the unique IDs generated by CoreMATCH attains a 99.975% accuracy level or better.

Additional features of CoreMATCH include:

  • A weighted factor matrix using diminishing probability that allows each client to set their level of “comfort” for data acceptance
  • All ID results are linked back to original data for audit and verification purposes
  • Customization that allows data elements and ID patterns from existing data systems to be integrated
  • Can be used as a one time tool, or when combined with our CoreDW system can evaluate years of historical data

Especially in the Health Care field, having a unique person level ID can tie together data from various sources such as:

  • Insurance Coverage Spans
  • Claims Data
  • Care Management Systems
  • Primary Care Physician (PCP) Selection
  • Rx Data
  • Lab Data
  • Treatment Authorizations
  • ER and In Patient Stays
  • Outpatient Services

In turn, analytics are then possible to accurately track and report on:

  • Care Gaps
  • Rx Adherence
  • HEDIS Measures
  • NCQA Accreditation
  • Care Management Incentives and Health Coaching

We look forward to discussing your needs and determining how CoreMATCH can help you.


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