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Provider Data Interface (PDI)

Provider Data Interface (PDI)

The PDI is the interface that makes everything in the PDR work correctly.  All user interaction and viewing of Provider Data is performed with the PDI.  As data is entered, imported, or maintained the PDI is controlling the logic and data validation processes to ensure Provider Data remains accurate.

Security is a key aspect of the PDI and User Logins control what functions can be performed and the views of data available.  This role-based security also allows for departmental views to be created.  Therefore, a user from the Pharmacy Department can view a screen that displays fax numbers that are “HIPAA Safe” and allows them to maintain fax numbers; while users from Utilization Management can have a view that specifically shows data they need to work with.

Linking PDR with Other Systems
By linking PDR with other systems, it should also be possible to build easier to understand consolidated views of data in the PDI instead of always relying on screens from the other systems to view data.  Depending on integration options with these systems, the PDI can act as the central “Lookup” location of data and then link to other systems in an easier manner.

Key features of the PDI include:

  • VERY user-friendly interface for accessing and working with Provider Data
  • Include section for accessing standardized reporting
  • Dashboards for viewing status of system data loads and current condition of related applications
  • Data audit results and full tracking of inbound data processes
  • Ability to review data that did not get imported with reasons. This would be the “rejects” from the Import Staging Process of the PDR
  • Ability to access full history of data changes at all hierarchical levels
  • Easily identify how Facilities and Providers are categorized for data grouping and reporting
  • Screens and import processes developed to eliminate all Excel files currently used for data loading.
  • Import processes to follow for Delegated Provider Rosters (with data validation logic)
  • Easily view many-to-many Provider/Facility relationships and associated contract spans
  • Ability to include a wide variety of Provider Attributes in addition to Specialty and Taxonomy information
  • Can include Provider Availability (Regular and/or After Hours) by Facility
  • Identification of Continuation of Services instances for Providers and/or Facilities
  • Accesses internal workflow logic when maintaining data
  • Can include screens explaining standardizations and data definitions

Sorcerous Security

By utilizing the PDI as the single point of entry for any Provider data, it ensures that all Provider data is entered in a consistent and validated method regardless of what department is working with the data.


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