Why Centecore?

Magical Focus on Accurate Data

The staff of Centecore consists of Administrators, Analysts and Developers that have been exactly where you are today; dealing with the daily challenges of working with Provider data that is found in pieces throughout various departments and in different formats.  Everyone at Centecore has experience in the Health Care Industry and works to continually find solutions to help increase efficiency and accuracy of Health Care processes.

Maintaining accurate Provider data is one of the largest challenges facing Insurance and Medical Related Organizations today.  Not only is this a key factor for optimal internal operations to your company, but providing up to date information to your Members/Clients is now an expected, and often required service.  A consolidated source of all Provider information that is easy to use, maintain and can be a source of data for online delivery methods is essential.


The First Step – The Assessment

Centecore Staff can help you review your current data sources, business procedures, reporting requirements and any internal operational aspects that is related to your current Provider configuration.  Results of this Assessment will be evaluated and used to formulate a recommendation for the optimum solution.


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The Provider Management Solution

What Centecore offers is not a canned product, but instead a custom application that incorporates your needs and business rules.  This solution is based on industry standards, proven data hierarchy and data integrity methods, State and Local requirements, and future growth considerations.


Probability We Can Solve Your Problem